James 4:1-10 / Our Disputes

James gives a passionate call to turn to the Lord in James 4:1-10. The battle starts within the soul. Our soul is naturally drawn to the world. Because this is true, James gives the prescription: turn to God wholeheartedly. With no holds barred, he levels a massive trove of commands designed to get us to return to God. It is a powerful passage that deserves our full attention.

Use these questions below as you think through and meditate on the passage this week:

– How does James diagnose the problems of fights and quarrels in the Church? (4:1)
– Why is it that the people in the Church do not receive what they want? (4:3)
– What are some “passions” or desires you think God would seek to change in your heart? (4:3)
– What accusation does James level against his readers in 4:4?
– What is the relationship between friendship with the world and our ability to have a relationship with God? (4:4)
– What is James prescription to this friendship with God in 4:7?
– Why is it that God does not draw near to us until we draw near to Him? (4:8)
– Why must we be humble before the Lord? (4:10)

As the Lord leads, read through James 4 this week. Meditate on James 4:1-10. Hide God’s Word in your heart as you memorize James 4:4.