What is an Awana Club?

Awana-Family-Coop 300x225Awana is a global, nonprofit ministry committed to the belief that the greatest impact for Christ starts with kids who know, love and serve Him. Each club night, there are three main activities: (1) large group counsel time, (2) small group book time, and (3) game/activity time.

Children are engaged with interactive and age- graded Bible lessons during counsel time. They have the opportunity to study and memorize God’s Word using the Awana handbooks for their age level. Finally, the Awana game time is always a fun time for kids to interact in a less formal way with leaders and with their peers.


What is an Awana Family Co-Op™?

We are an Awana family Co-Op. This means the focus of our Awana program at Twin Valley is to equip parents to disciple their children using the tool and structure Awana provides. We want to bring a family focus to the program, encouraging parents to engage in discipleship with their children.

Parents who are using Awana as a discipleship tool will be (1) volunteering in the program on Wednesday nights, (2) helping their children study God’s Word, and (3) using their parental role to ensure Bible memory is normal part of the children’s lives.

Are you interested in using Awana as a tool in your family discipleship?  If so, please use this form to register your kids for Awana at Twin Valley Church.  We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!