What is Counseling?

Counseling is an important part of our change process. Counseling is intentionally setting aside time to clarify our underlying values and enable us to reorient our perspective. Counseling gives a number of valuable resources:

  1. Time. You have to have time to process through life issues. Counseling is an avenue to set aside this time. You are encouraged to think through life and evaluate some of the values.
  2. Values Clarification. We all hold values. Things we believe. Ideas have an impact on our lives. We have to have time to think through our values and understand where our actions and behaviors come from.
  3. Perspective. Life is busy. We run from task to task, conversation to conversation, priority to priority. It is difficult in this environment to reexamine life, to understand our values and to take the time needed to approach change. Counseling is taking that step back from life to adjust. It examines our perspective, to see life anew under a different lens.

What is Biblical Counseling?

Biblical counseling takes the tools available in the counseling realm and helps you to understand how the ideas of the Bible make an impact on life. The Bible is a set of ideas. These ideas are inspired by a God who has designed us. He designed life.

Is life working for you? If you feel – stressed out, out of control, financially strained, at war in your marriage, under attack from your kids or parents, undervalued at work, experiencing life without real friendship, feeling depressed or anxious – there is a reason. The Bible speaks about stress, financial stability, marriage, family relationships, friendship, sadness, anxiousness and every other life situation we encounter.

Biblical counseling is holistic in its approach. It helps us to understand the real root of our problems. It enables us to see how a spiritual relationship with our Creator can resolve those issues and how to establish that relationship. Biblical counseling answers major life issues such as where did we come from?, what is our purpose?, how do we determine right and wrong?, and where do we go after this life? These answers are then applied to specific situations and life circumstances.

What should I expect when I schedule a Biblical Counseling session?

The biblical counseling practice at Twin Valley Church is designed to be a help in your change process. First, a sheet is given to the counselee at the office that will help structure our time. It will help you detail the presenting issues, cover some relevant background and help us understand your spiritual background. After the introduction form is filled out, an opening session is scheduled. The initial session is typically designed to cover your background and to ensure we understand the presenting issues. Each session thereafter will cover adjustment areas and “homework” will be given.

What is the cost for this Biblical Counseling?

Biblical counseling is offered as a ministry of Twin Valley Church. It is overseen by the ministry leadership team at TVC. The teaching counselor is Ryan Folken (B.A., M. Div., EFCA ordination, via ACBC counseling guidelines). Others are also involved in this practice. Because of this, it is generally offered without charge. Donations are accepted via Twin Valley Church.

Who should I contact to schedule a Biblical Counseling session?

Follow the link to the contact page and schedule a time with the office. Unfortunately, there may be a waiting list, but you will receive regular updates as to when your initial session can be scheduled once your introductory forms are completed.