Pastor Ryan…

Ryan, Micah, Isaiah, Joy, Chloe, and Sidney.
The Folkens: Ryan, Isaiah, Micah, Joy, Chloe and Sydney.

Pastor Ryan grew up in Waterloo, IA.  He met his wife in high school and was blessed to marry her a year into their college journey.  God has led them through an awesome path both in marriage and in life.  He has given them four kids and, as parents, they are engaged in their paths of discipleship.

A passion for Pastor Ryan is the idea that our faith is matured simply by seeking God out in discipleship and sharing that faith with others in evangelism.  The idea of “discipleship” is just our search for God’s character as we grow into His nature.  We seek God out in serious study of His Word, in living a consistent life of Worship, in sacrificial service to others in Fellowship and communing with God in Prayer.  As we conform to God’s character and we see others who are not experiencing this relationship, it is natural to want share this passion with others.

Pastor Ryan attended college at the Moody Bible Institute and seminary at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

The Family…

Joy, Pastor Ryan’s wife, grew up on a farm near Hudson, Iowa and came to know the Lord at a young age.  Having met Ryan in high school, they served together in ministry throughout high school on worship teams, in prayer groups and in leading Bible studies.  She continues to serve her husband and family and loves instilling biblical values and a love for reading in her kids.

They have four children and they seek to follow God’s mandate to disciple their children (Deut. 6). They pray daily together, read God’s Word regularly, participate in service projects, memorize Scripture, and engage in a daily seeking after God together.