Many Christians do not like to admit doubt. We see doubt as antithetical to the victorious Christian life. But let’s face it—there are times of doubt in the Christian life. This is particularly true when we face seemingly insurmountable odds. Yet God has revealed His faithfulness throughout history and in our lives. His faithfulness should encourage us when we face uncertainty. Thankfully, salvation comes from the object of our faith and not the strength of our faith! The good news of the gospel is that God has defeated the two things than none of us could overcome on our own: sin and death. These are the true great enemies of humanity. Throughout the Bible we are reminded that God will ultimately be victorious over His enemies and the enemies of His people. This is why Christians are called to “fear not” and “stand firm in the faith.” Our salvation, just like the salvation of Israel, is completely dependent on God’s work on our behalf. The narrative recalled in this session’s Scripture would prove significant in the memory of the Israelites as they looked back on God’s mighty acts of salvation (Pss. 77:19-20; 78:13; 136:13-16). The same is true for us today. We must remember that through Jesus, God has overcome our greatest enemies. The act of remembrance is key to our moving forward in faith despite our circumstances.

Memory Verse:  Exodus 15:2

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