The second half of Exodus focuses on the events at Mount Sinai and God’s instructions to His people through Moses. God prepared His people, gave them the law, and gave them instructions for entering the Promised Land. The Lord confirmed His covenant with His people and focused on the instructions related to the construction of the tabernacle. Once again, we are reminded that the entirety of the exodus event is a gracious act of God by which He delivers, sustains, and instructs His people for new life outside of Egypt. The instructions concerning the tabernacle and the description of the instructions make up the majority of the second half of the Book of Exodus. We must remember that the Lord had said of Israel, “I will take you to be my people, and I will be your God”. The tabernacle was the means through which God had chosen to dwell among His people. The level of detail points to the reality that God is a holy God and His people must relate to Him according to His revealed word. The details concerning the tabernacle are important because they reveal God’s grace toward His people in protecting them from His consuming holiness. We also are reminded that God wants to dwell among His people; otherwise, He would not have gone to such great lengths to lay out the painstakingly specific details for the tabernacle. This entire narrative points us forward to Jesus Christ, who became a tabernacle among us. Not only is Jesus the greater tabernacle, He is also greater than Moses. Jesus is the only mediator between God and man.

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