2 Samuel 13-18
“The Fallout”

Absalom has rebelled. David must flee. The author of 2 Samuel focuses on David’s departure and the meetings he has as he leaves Jerusalem. He comes upon his servants, Ittai, Abiathar and Zadok, Hushai, Ziba and Shimei.

As you study and read this week, here are some questions to reflect on:
– Who are these individuals David meets as he leaves Jerusalem?
– What do these interactions say about David’s character?
– How does David respond to Shimei? Do you think it was appropriate?
– Why does the author focus on these interactions?
– What do you think God is trying to reveal about David as he leaves Jerusalem?

As the Lord leads, read through 2 Samuel 13-18 this week. Focus your study on 2 Samuel 15-16 as we will be focusing on David’s exit and what is revealed about David in this journey.

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