2 Samuel 19: The Resolution

David left Jerusalem in 2 Samuel 15. Now we see David returning to Jerusalem in 2 Samuel 19:9-43. The author gives us snippets of his actions and conversations. These in turn give us an idea of how David is processing his return and how we sees God’s hand in his restoration.  The following are some questions you might reflect on as you study this week:

– Who are the parties who come out to meet David?
– Why is it significant we saw some of these same faces in 2 Samuel 15?
– Why do you think David responded to Shimei the way he does?
– Why might speaking with Mephibosheth change your understanding of his situation?
– Do you think David did the right thing by Ziba? Why or why not?
– Why do you think the author gives us all these conversations between David and those who approach him?

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