2 Samuel 23

“The Last Words”

We are nearing the end of David’s life. He gives his summary for how he understands life. Everyone has a theory of life. David summarizes his theory in seven verses in 23:1-7. But we come to find out they’re not just David’s words, they’re God’s Words. God’s theory on how to live life. Better, God’s design.

As you study this week to prepare for Sunday, use the questions below to help stir reflection:

– How is David described in 23:1?
– How is God described in 23:2?
– What is a key component for living life in 23:3?
– Who does David use as a case study for a life well lived in 23:5?
– How does David contrast life when compared to someone who is “worthless” in 23:6?
– What do you think makes an individual a “worthless” person?
– Why do you think David gives these final instructions?

As the Lord leads, read through 2 Samuel 22-24 this week. Spend your time meditating and reflecting on 23:1-7.

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