Our Difficulties

James 1:1-11

James gets right to the point as he begins his letter. He briefly greets his audience and then immediately pivots to his first topic: trials. He urges his readers to count it all joy when they meet trials of various kinds. Why? How are we supposed to understand these sufferings?

Here are a few questions to think though as you prepare for this Sunday:

– What is the sequence of development that should follow from trials? (1:2-4)
– What is the end goal of these sufferings (1:4)?
– How are we supposed to go about seeking wisdom (1:5)?
– What does a person without faith look like? (1:6-8)?
– Who is being compared in 1:9-11?
– Do you think James is hard on the rich person in 1:9-11? Why or why not?

As the Lord leads, read through James 1. Mediate and think through these questions on James 1:1-11. The memory verse for this week is James 1:2-4.

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