JAMES 1:12-18, Our Desires

We talked last week about external trials and how God has a sanctifying purpose for them in our lives. God wants them to change us, to develop us in our walk with Him. James then pivots to internal temptations. We have been made in God’s image. But we are broken. Inside us lives a pernicious evil. James makes clear what does and does not come from God.

Here are some thought questions as you read and reflect on the passage this week:

– What do you think it means to be “blessed”? (1:12)
– What is the source of temptation James does not allow? (1:13)
– What is the process of temptation James outlines? (1:14-15)
– What is the ultimate end of the sin in our lives? (1:15)
– How is light described in 1:17?
– How are we brought forth? (1:18)
– Who is it we are ultimately supposed to reflect? (1:18)

As the Lord leads, read through James 1. Meditate and study through James 1:12-18 as you prepare for this coming Sunday. The memory verse for this week is James 1:14-15

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