James 2:1-13 / Our Definition

James has dealt with external trials (1:2-11) and internal temptations (1:12-18), urging Christ-followers to seek out God’s Word as we follow Him through both (1:19-27). Some in the Church were wanting to follow another standard, another set of common rules. These rules and customs were being set by the rich who sought to join their assembly. James argues something different in 2:1-13. We live by a different Authority who has set a different Standard.

As you prepare for worship on Sunday morning, use the following questions to guide your thoughts:

– How does James address his audience in 2:1?
– How does James describe Jesus in 2:1?
– How does he describe the actions of the rich in 2:2-3?
– How does he describe the status of the poor in 2:5?
– Do the rich look qualified to lead the Church according to 2:6-7? Why or why not?
– What standard does James ask the Church to fulfill instead in 2:8?
– What are the final commands in this section James gives in 2:12?
– Why does James end with these final commands?

As the Lord leads, read through James 2 this week. Meditate through James 2:1-13. The memory verse for this James 2:10

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