James 2:14-26 / Our Deeds

Let’s look at where we’ve been: James encourages believers to develop in their faith (1:4), asking God for wisdom as we pursue this goal (1:5-8). We will have to endure trials (1:2-11) and temptations (1:12-18). But the fact remains we were brought forth in the word of truth and are to be His firstfruits (1:18). This is not going to be accomplished by man’s anger (1:19-27) but through a willingness to seek His Word (1:21). There were some who sought to ignore part of God’s truth and were willing to show partiality (2:1-13) but James tells the readers to hold the faith determined by our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of Glory (2:1).

James now turns to how this faith — the one we are called to (1:4-8), the one we are born in (1:18), the one we are developing (1:19-27), the one we are holding (2:1) — is supposed to play itself out in our lives. Is it enough to believe? Or does this faith have to motivate us to action? Does it need to be shown? Or can you quietly know?

As you study the passage this week, think through the following questions:

– How does James address his readers in 2:14?
– How many questions does James ask in 2:14-26?
– How many statements of fact does James make in 2:14-26?
– How many illustrations does James give in 2:14-17?
– How many illustrations does James give in 2:21-26?
– Analyze James’ main statements as you compare and contrast 2:17 and 2:26.

As the Lord leads, read through James 2 this week. Meditate through James 2:14-26 by reading it slowly and thinking through James’ thought. Hide God’s Word in your heart by memorizing James 2:18.

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