James 4:13-17 / Our Designs

Life is temporary. Life is in constant change and flux and then, all too briefly, it ends. In James 4:13-17 James has some words for Christian merchants who are looking to make a profit. They have their plans. They have their goals and ideas. How does a vibrant Christian faith in a sovereign God interact with these plans? How are we supposed to conduct ourselves in light of His rule and authority?

Below are some questions you can use to study the passage as you prepare for this Sunday:

– Who is James addressing in 4:13?
– What is the problem with their thinking? (4:14)
– How does James describe life? (4:14)
– Why do you think James focuses on the temporary nature of our lives? (4:14)
– What is the key phrase we should use instead as we make plans? (4:15)
– Why is James accusing them of boasting in their arrogance? (4:16)
– Is James addressing sins of omission or sins of commission in James 4:17?

As the Lord leads, read through James 4 this week. Meditate and think through James 4:13-17. Hide God’s Word in your heart as you memorize James 4:17.

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