James 5:1-6 / Our Directive

James turns his attention to the oppressive rich. They were withholding wages from the poor. In their search for wealthy, they violated God’s royal law to love their neighbor as themselves. James gives a strong word of condemnation and a glimpse of the judgment God will give because of their selfishness. This is a strong passage. We would do well to think seriously and reflectively as we process God’s message for our lives.

Use the questions below as you spend time in God’s Word this week and meditate on the passage in preparation for our worship together Sunday:

– How does James address his audience in 5:1?
– What are the two commands James gives in 5:1?
– What signs of wealth does James point out in 5:2-3?
– What is the key problem James gives at the end of 5:3?
– What were some of the dishonest practices James lists in 5:4?
– How were the rich living according to 5:5?
– What is the key problem James gives in 5:6?

As the Lord leads, read through James 5. Meditate on James 5:1-6. Hide God’s Word in your heart as you memorize James 5:1

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