James 5:7-11 / Our Discomfort

James finishes his condemnation of the oppressive rich in 5:1-6 and now turns to the oppressed poor (5:7-11). Right now they’re living in a rough situation. What are they supposed to do while the injustice continues to affect their lives? James provides his answer: be patient.

Use the questions below as you take time to reflect on the passage this week:

– What is the first command in James 5:7?
– How does James address his readers in 5:7?
– What example does James begin with in 5:7?
– In how many ways is this an appropriate example? (5:7)
– There is another command given in 5:8. How is this related to the first? (5:8)
– How do you think the command in 5:9 fits in with the prior commands? (5:9)
– How should the Judge standing at the door affect their approach to life? (5:9)
– We have a second example of patience in 5:10. What does this add? (5:10)
– There is a third example in 5:11. Is this an example of something different than the prior two? Why or why not? (5:11)

As the Lord leads, read through James 5 this week. Meditate on James 5:7-11. Hide God’s Word in your heart as you memorize James 5:12.

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