Our Doing: James 1:18-27

James has addressed external trials (1:2-11) and encouraged us to stand up under internal temptations (1:12-18). The end goal here is our living God’s character. But how is this accomplished? What does it look like? James gives some avenues to avoid because they’re without effect. He also gives some examples of a life lived in God’s character.

Here are some questions to think through as you process this passage for this coming Sunday:

– How are the three exhortations in 1:19 related?
– What is the anger of man unable to do in 1:20?
– What kind of heart do we have to approach the Word according to 1:21? Why do you think that would be important?
– Where should we be looking according to 1:22-25?
– Do you think James views the law positively or negatively in 1:25?
– What are some things James points to if you want to live out your faith in 1:27?

As the Lord leads, read through James 1 this week. Mediate on James 1:18-27, thinking through the passage slowly and purposefully. The memory verse this week is James 1:19-20.

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