We at Twin Valley are excited and passionate about pursuing an authentic relationship with God.  God has made Himself known to us and calls us to seek after Him.  Every Church has a unique DNA and we have four core values:


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1) We bring messages from the Bible that seek the purpose of the Author (expositional)

God has revealed to us everything we need to know Him.  In searching out His character through His Word, we want to know why God revealed what He did, what He revealed and how we can genuinely and authentically live this out in our lives.  Our worship services are focused on the believer, the follower of Christ, who is seeking God’s truth and character during this gathering.


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2) We reach spiritual maturity in relationship (non-programmatic)

God has given a unique tool for discipleship called the family.  God created and designed the family, He tells us to instruct our families in the Lord and He has designed the Church so that other followers of Christ are brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers.  We are developed spiritually, not through programs, but through relationships.


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3) We reach out to those who are still seeking God (intentionally relational)

We have an eternal soul searching for a relationship with our Creator.  We all sin.  We all need to be forgiven.  God forgives us through our alignment (belief) in Him, in His Son, in His sacrifice and in His resurrection.  We seek intentional relationships to share these beliefs, helping those who do not have a relationship with God to come to know Him.


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4) We seek a complete Christian worldview (presuppositionalism)

God created us and our world.  God has revealed truth in every sphere of life.  We seek His truth in every sphere and organize our lives in the truth He provides.